Pour Over Coffee Dripper Filter - Cilio
Pour Over Coffee Dripper Filter - Cilio

Pour Over Coffee Dripper Filter - Cilio

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There is a lot of hype around the pour over method of brewing coffee, and the hype is justified, because pour-over is an easy way to brew a perfect cup of coffee, and there are less chances to mess up.


What you need

  • 15g Coarsely ground coffee (adjust quantity for a stronger or weaker cup)
  • Recently boiled water
  • a cup
  • A coffee Dripper
  • filter paper


  • Place coffee dripper onto desired cup
  • Place filter paper into cup and scoop in ground coffee (some people prefer to wet the paper first with hot water, thus warming the cup slightly too)
  • Slowly pour the recently boiled water over the coffee grounds and let it seep through the paper, into your cup.
  • Remove dripper and flavour coffee with milk and sugar if desired. (Or drink it neat to reveal all the true roast flavours of that coffee)


Since its inception, Cilio has placed great importance on combining noble materials, distinctive design, craftsmanship and industrial excellence with perfect utility. Their collection includes a versatile and wide selection of espresso makers that are second to none on the market as well as complementing accessories.


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