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With our vast experience in the variety of coffee beans available, one of our focuses is to give our clients the best possible advice we can on the best home Coffee Roasting Equipment and recommend a piece of equipment that would be perfectly suited to your needs. We have been roasting coffee beans for a long time and we have deep knowledge on the various types of equipment and their strengths which enable us to give you a turnkey service.

The process of turning coffee beans into a beverage is known as coffee preparation. This process is facilitated by the use of coffee roasting equipment. The particular steps also vary depending on the type of coffee bean being used as well as the raw materials. Raw coffee beans must be roasted, ground, brewed and finally the liquid coffee must be separated from the used grounds. Fresh coffee is usually brewed immediately before drinking.

Each stage in the coffee preparation process, will need a particular piece of equipment to execute the required task. We will look at two processes

This Coffee Roasting Equipment is supplied by RYO Coffee.

Coffee Roasting equipment 

Roasting coffee changes both the chemical and physical properties of green coffee beans. They expand almost into double their original size and the colour changes from a light green, to a yellow tone and finally to brown then dark brown. During the process of roasting, oils appear on the surface of the bean and continue to darken until it’s removed from the heat source. Our “Stove top coffee Roasting set” will give you a great roast.

Home Coffee Roasting Equipment

Coffee Grinding equipment

The brewing process is enabled by the grinding process and more importantly, the fineness of the grind strongly affects brewing. This means that proper coffee grinding equipment must be used to ensure a good quality coffee. Coffee beans that are too finely ground will expose too much surface area to the hot water and produce a bitter taste. An overly coarse grind will produce weak coffee unless more is used. Therefore,  equipment that gives a uniform grind is desirable due to the importance of a grind’s fineness and how the texture affects the flavour. You will love our “Coffee lovers Gift Pack” – available with a Black, brown or pink Grinder and a bag of raw coffee beans.”Home Coffee Roasting Equipment

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