Brewing Equipment

Whether you're looking for a French press, stovetop mocha pot, Chemex, AeroPress, bean to cup machine, or coffee dripper, we have what you need available from our brewing equipment that we stock and sell online. 

Drip coffee cones: A simple, fast, and affordable way to brew your coffee.

Chemex: A beautifully designed pour over that uses a paper filter.

French press: Familiar to most households, the French press is the easiest method for brewing superior and consistent coffee.

AeroPress: AeroPress coffee has a clean taste with clearly defined flavour notes thanks to paper filters that stop any sediment from getting in your cup. 

Moka Pot: If you're looking for a stronger coffee fix (compared to drip coffee), but don't have the budget for an espresso maker, the Moka pot is ideal for you. 

Espresso Machine: Explore all the exquisite coffee beans we stock by making your own espresso at home.


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