Wholesale Coffee Beans

As an artisan roaster and micro lot distributor, we can supply coffee beans at preferential rates to small, medium and large enterprises, restaurants, coffee shops, caterers, and more.

Our fresh coffee beans are sourced from the world’s most renowned coffee-producing countries, including:

  • Brazil,
  • Colombia,
  • Ethiopia,
  • Guatemala,
  • Kenya, and
  • Nicaragua

Flexible supplier of single origin coffee beans and premium blends

You can buy our single origin green beans to blend and roast your own, creating a signature blend for your customers, or you can purchase any singe origin coffee from our roasted range. If a blend is what you are looking for, try one of our signature blends of roasted coffee: RYO Blend, Soul of Africa Blend, or Soul of America Blend.

Coffees supplied are either whole beans, or ground, in 80g sachets, 250g valved zip lock bags, or 1kg bags.

Send an enquiry about our wholesale coffee options

Email: info@ryocoffee.co.za 
Tel: +27 83 231 7439