About Us

RYO Coffee was South Africa's first dedicated Micro-lot distributor of raw coffee beans and has since branched out to include a range of fresh, pre-roasted coffee, along with a variety of the tools required to make your ultimate home, or office, coffee. RYO Coffee works with global coffee traders who understand the importance of fair and ethical trade and who appreciate the journey of the bean from its origin, to your cup.

We love single origin coffees, so our standard range includes Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, and Nicaragua. Our signature RYO Blend has 3 single origins, roasted perfectly and individually, then blended together, We never compromise our product by including Robusta beans in order to bring the price down. We only use quality Arabica beans.

Our aim is to provide customers with a coffee experience. A coffee love affair. It's up to each consumer to figure out what they like best. Which origin, roasted in which way (if home roasting is for you), and brewed with which home brew tool.

Customers can buy our raw beans in brown Kraft bags and roast and blend their own coffee, or they can buy our roasted beans, packed in classy white heat sealed, quality food grade, foil lined bags, with a one-way release valve, and our signature ZIP LOCK, to guarantee maximum freshness once its been opened.

Our coffees are available at Spar stores in the Western cape, most popular online retail outlets, or directly from our website. All coffee equipment sold by RYO Coffee is only available through the various online sales channels.

For hospitality rates, please contact us directly.

RYO Coffee. Coffee sold by coffee lovers, for coffee lovers.