Raw Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Raw Ethiopian coffee beans are one of our best sellers and it’s a no wonder as to why. Ethiopia holds within its borders the birth place of coffee, so naturally we love harnessing   the expertise of farmers who have been cultivating the beans for our favourite beverage for centuries. Ethiopian Harrar coffee beans are grown on small farms in the eastern part of the country, they are then dry-processed and labelled as long-berry (which means they are large in size) or short-berry (which means they are smaller). 

Ethiopian Harrar coffee often has a rich aroma, a heavy body and a fruit like acidity. And in the very best Harrar coffees you can detect either a mild or an intense aroma of blueberries and sometimes even blackberries.  This is why Ethiopian Harrar coffee is often used in espresso blends, as it captures the fine aromatics in the crema (delish). Washed coffees of Ethiopia include Ghimbi and Yirgacheffe – which is our favourite! The Ethiopian Yirgacheffee coffee bean is by far the most favoured coffee grown in southern Ethiopia; it is more mild, aromatic and slightly fruitlike. Ethiopian Yirgacheffee coffee may also be labelled as Sidamo, as this is the district where it is produced.

RYO’s Ethiopia Green Coffee Beans produce one of our favourite cuppas, once roasted they have a full body with delicate hints of creamy chocolate, cherry, blueberry and earthiness which is utterly irresistible.