Bialetti Venus Moka Pot (Stainless Steel) coffee maker
Bialetti Venus Moka Pot (Stainless Steel) coffee maker

Bialetti Venus Moka Pot (Stainless Steel) coffee maker

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The Bialetti Venus is a stainless steel moka pot for brewing coffee that is stronger than traditional coffee but not quite like espresso. The pressure that is used does make the coffee stronger and extracts more flavor and caffeine than a drip coffee maker.

The flavour of Moka pot coffee depends greatly on bean variety, roast level, fineness of grind, water profile, and the level of heat used.

Moka pots are sometimes referred to as stove-top espresso makers and produce coffee with an extraction ratio similar to (but somewhat higher than) that of a conventional espresso machine. The resultant brew has increased extraction of caffeine and flavours from the grounds versus filter coffee, resulting in a stronger brew than that obtained by drip brew methods. 

However a typical Moka coffee is extracted at relatively low pressures of 1 to 2 bar while standards for espresso coffee specify a pressure of 9 bar. Therefore, Moka coffee is not considered to be a true espresso and has different flavour characteristics.

To brew your coffee in the Bialetti Venus or traditional aluminum Moka pot, fill the bottom with water up to the safety release valve that is on the side of the bottom of the pot. After you fill the water, the filter is placed in the bottom of the pot and filled with fine ground coffee of your choice (finding the right grind is crucial for a good cup of coffee - too fine and it will travel up the spout, and too course and you will not get enough flavour). The Top element with its filter and rubber gasket is screwed on the bottom and you heat the pot on a gas, electric or induction burner (on a medium to high heat). You could even use natural fire like a camp fire to heat the moka pot but this of course would discolor the moka pot..The Bialetti Moka Pot will heat the water and create steam which is forced through the coffee grounds in the filter and up the spout  inside the top of the pot. The spout has a unique design with the two holes being slanted downward so that the coffee coming out does not sputter toward the top of the pot, like many other brands of moka pots do.

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