RYO Coffee was South Africa's first dedicated Micro-lot distributor of raw coffee beans and has since branched out to include a range of fresh, pre-roasted coffee.

Our Coffee is sourced from around the world with ethical and fair trade front of mind.

We love single origin coffees, so our range includes Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, and Nicaragua. We love tasting how one countries coffee can taste so different to another neighbouring country. We even love how neighbouring farms can taste so totally different to each other (much like wine). However, in order to not confuse customers with the gigantic array of coffee choices, we’ll stick to coffee by countries and not farms, for now.

Our signature RYO Blend has only 3 origins blended together. On purpose. We feel that while you can create a beautiful blend with say '11' origins, it’s not necessary to dilute each counties offering so much.

As a rule, we try not to preach about weight to water ratio, water temperature, or roasting and brewing techniques. Coffee is a very personal product so don't be fooled by coffee dictators.

Our aim is to provide you with fresh coffee, always, so you can buy our raw beans in brown craft bags or hessian bags and experiment, or you can buy our roasted beans, packed in foil lined bags, with a one-way release valve, heat sealed, and with a zip lock, to guarantee maximum freshness.

So if you want RYO Coffee for your office, home, restaurant or hotel, contact us and we’ll come through to chat about your needs.

 500g packaging         300g RYO Coffee Raw bean Packaging          250g Roasted range beans / filter