The Bean Belt

It is said that coffee originated in Africa. Cultivation then wandered east and west, eventually causing a belt around the globe, between the Tropics of Cancer and the Tropics of Capricorn

These regions typically offer moderate sunshine and rain, steady temperatures around 20ºC, and rich, porous soil. All countries located in the Bean Belt provide a tropical climate with both rainy and dry seasons.  In return the delicate tree yields beans that are an economic mainstay for dozens of countries and about 25 million people—and, among natural commodities, have a monetary value surpassed only by oil.

Coffee is like wine in many ways — each variety has subtle nuances that make it special, depending on the growing region.

Almost all coffee comes from one of the countries located in the Bean Belt. These include:

1. Hawaii                                                                2. Mexico*
3. Cuba                                                              4. Haiti
5. Dominican Republic                                      6. Puerto Rico
7. Jamaica                                                         8. Venezuela
9. Brazil*                                                            10. Guatemala*
11. Honduras                                                     12. El Salvador
13. Nicaragua                                                    14. Costa Rica
15. Panama                                                       16. Colombia*
17. Ecuador                                                       18. Peru
19. Bolivia                                                           20. Sudan
21. Cameroon                                                     22. Cote D’ivoire*
23. Sao Tome e Principe                                    24. Angola
25. Zimbabwe                                                     26. South Africa
27. Yemen                                                          28. Ethiopia*
29. Kenya                                                           30. Uganda*
31. Burundi                                                         32. Tanzania
33. Madagascar                                                 34. India*
35. Vietnam*                                                      36. Philippines
37. Indonesia*                                                    38. Papua New Guinea

*A top 10 coffee bean producer!