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brazil single origin filter coffee for sale
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colombia single origin filter coffee for sale
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ethiopia single origin filter coffee for sale
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nicaragua single origin filter coffee for sale
1.25kg Assorted Roasted Coffee Beans / Filter:  5 x 250g
1.25kg Assorted Roasted Coffee Beans / Filter:  5 x 250g

1.25kg Assorted Roasted Coffee Beans / Filter: 5 x 250g

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This variety pack is a great way to introduce your taste buds to our superb range of beans!

The pack is made up of a selection of 5 x 250g heat sealed, zip locked bags of roasted, un-ground beans, or ground/ filter coffee (depending on your choice).

Our single-origin coffees (meaning from one single country only, and not mixed with any other country’s beans) are sourced from countries that are renowned for their excellent coffee beans, namely: Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya  and Nicaragua. You will receive a random selection of 4 of these.

Because each type of bean we use is single-origin, you get the chance to really experience each country’s unique flavour profile and characteristics. The short breakdown below tells you what you can expect from each bean.

Brazilian Coffee Beans / Filter

Full bodied and heavy, with a slight hint of smokiness and zingy acidity. The one to have if you want to shake off that early-morning feeling!

Colombian Coffee Beans / Filter

Medium bodied, with a medium acidity and some hints of nuttiness. A good way to get your day on the go.

Ethiopian Coffee Beans / Filter

Full bodied, with a balanced acidity. Hints of earthiness, chocolate and creaminess make this a winner way to start your morning.

Nicaraguan Coffee Beans / Filter

The Barry White of coffees, baby! Rich and smooth on the tongue, with delectable hints of vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel.  This is the go-to choice for those who like to ease sideways into their day!

Guatemalan Coffee Beans

Guatemalan coffee beans are full bodied and strong, with a moderate acidity and filled with delicious flavour. This is the coffee lovers go to cup because of its complex nature that includes spicy, smoky, chocolaty, earthy, delicately floral, fruity, and sweet flavours.

Kenyan Coffee Beans

Our Kenyan coffee has a full-bodied flavour with wine-like acidity. The Kenyan coffee bean has distinctly complex tones of fruit and a slight sugary nature.

RYO Signature Blend

Consisting of a sublime blend of African and South and Central American beans, you won’t go wrong with this suave blend! Start your morning like a champion!

Soul of Africa Coffee Blend

 The Soul of Africa is RYO Coffee’s premium blend of Central African beans. A smooth, balanced coffee with pleasant notes of stone fruit, warm spices, and a mellow acidity synonymous with African coffees.

 Soul of America Coffee Blend

The Soul of America is RYO Coffee’s premium blend of Central and South American beans. Rich, smooth, and full-bodied coffee with notes of dark chocolate and nuts converted into caramel sweetness when combined with milk

How we package our coffee

Your coffee is stored in a heat-sealed pouch bag, with a built-in one-way release valve, and zip lock seals for continued freshness once the bag has been opened.

All beans have been roasted, but still need to be ground.

Lead time breakdown:
Orders are despatched within 24 – 48 hours, and are couriered off on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Courier is set up as economy, therefore delivery is within 48 – 36 hours of despatch. Should you want your order delivered next day, please contact us directly.

Cape Town delivery fees are R60 for orders under R500, and free for anything over.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Why no 1kg pack of Kenyan ?

I tried the 5 x 250g selection of beans, and liked the Kenyan beans best.
But it seems they're about the only ones that can't be bought in a 1kg pack - why is that ??

Great Coffee!

I love your coffee! <3
It is affordable, tastes incredible, the single origin varieties are amazing and I much prefer your brand over the common brands available in retail stores. Thank you for offering such great quality coffee, advice and tips for us lovers of fine drinks to enjoy in all possible ways to the best it has to offer. I am a huge fan of the Ethiopian beans, but the rest still "hit the spot". :)

Ryo coffee

I am very imprest with this product and variety of different brands in one parcel taste great

Delivered tommy door!

Tried the sampler pack - very good quality beans. Especially liked the Brazilian!


1.25kg Assorted Roasted Coffee Beans / Filter: 5 x 250g