Ethiopia Single Origin Roasted Coffee - 250g

Ethiopia Single Origin Roasted Coffee - 250g

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Ethiopian beans can be very diverse with a range of flavours. Our roasted Ethiopian beans have a fruity aroma, with notes of berries and stone fruit, and are winy with a silky acidity. This is a full body roast.

RYO Coffee's beans are generally roasted as City or  Full City roasts and not a dark, or light roast, so they won't ever be bitter, or too earthy. 

Ethiopian Coffee Facts

  • Ethiopia is the fifth largest coffee-producing nation in the world, and the largest producing nation in Africa.
  • Ethiopian coffee is grown in altitudes ranging from 1 500 - 2 200 meters above sea level.
  • Ethiopia is where Coffea arabica, the coffee plant, originates.

How We Keep Your Coffee Fresh

 Your coffee is stored in a heat-sealed pouch bag, with a built-in-one-way release valve, and zip lock seals for continued freshness once the bag has been opened. 

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This is what Coffee is

Originally, coffee came from Ethiopia, made of beans from the Caffea Arabica tree. Anything else just ain't no coffee, don't by fooled by snake oil salesmen and charlatans. I roasted my first coffee in 1967, at Grandma's in Montagu, South Africa 🇿🇦. She only ever knew Arabica from Ethiopia. That was well before marketing gurus and the beverage industry started cheating us with fake impostor drinks, interlopers into the heavens coffee is. I tasted, re-tasted, again tasted RYO Arabica here in Sea Point. You simply cannot err in getting your cappachino smiled upon by friendly barista Eddie. (I am a long time friend of SA's oldest serving barista, you can trust my judgement here!) RYO is good, it is great, it is excellent, it is exquisite, for lack of a better description. RYO redefines coffee in a very good way. Get yours, don't travel without.

Amy Cunliffe
RYO Coffee - Ethiopia Single Orgin Roasted Coffee

One word: yummy!