Nicaragua Single Origin Roasted Coffee - 250g
Nicaragua Single Origin Roasted Coffee - 250g

Nicaragua Single Origin Roasted Coffee - 250g

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Nicaragua coffee has a mild acidity with flavours like vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, pear, and caramel. It’s exceptionally smooth and tasty.

RYO Coffee's coffee beans are generally roasted as a full city roast and not a dark, or light roast, so they won't ever be bitter, or too earthy.

Nicaraguan coffee facts

Most Nicaraguan coffee is classified as "high grown" because it is grown between 3600 and 5250 feet above sea level.

95% of Nicaraguan coffee is shade grown, meaning the beans are kept out of the harsh sunlight.

The ideal roast for a Nicaraguan coffee bean is a medium (for the famous Elephant bean) or dark roast. We find our sweet spot in between.

How we keep your coffee fresh

Your coffee is stored in a heat-sealed pouch bag, with a built-in one-way release valve, and zip lock seals for continued freshness once the bag has been opened.

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Customer Reviews

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Brent Clark
A flavourful journey

The moment you open a fresh bag of RYOs Nicaragua coffee beans, you're greeted with a rich, earthy fragrance that hints at the delightful experience to come. When brewed, this aroma intensifies,
Love it.
The Arabica is great too !!

Low acidity

I chose this blend specifically for my partner whose digestive system is disrupted by coffee with higher acidity, the taste is not as rounded as other blends but the acidity is lower.

Cuan Glass
RYO Nicaragua Single Origin Roasted Coffee

The flavour of this coffee is simply sublime. I love its chocolatey notes and bright acidity. It has long been my favourite single origin coffee. I used to buy it all the time from my local Spa but they no longer stock it, which is why I ordered it directly. I would love to try single origin coffee from Honduras, Peru, El Salvador and Mexico if you ever think of expanding your range.

Kesia De Jesus


Eugene Herbst
Best coffee ever

I have tried many coffee now and I must say. Ryo is the best by far.