Brazil Green/ Raw Coffee Beans - 500g
Brazil Green/ Raw Coffee Beans - 500g

Brazil Green/ Raw Coffee Beans - 500g

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This single origin bag of beans from Brazil is known to be medium/full body, have low to medium acidity, and milk chocolatey/ creamy  flavour. The coffee has a heavy, syrupy body with a hint of almonds– a great component for an espresso blend

Our current stock is the Brazil Barbosa Gold, from the region of Gauxupe, Brazil

Processing Method

Pulped Natural - in the pulped natural process, a depulper removes skin and pulp from coffee cherry, and the beans are dried while mucilage is still clinging to the parchment layer. At this stage, instead of being fermented and washed, the sticky beans are immediately laid to dry on patios or raised beds.


600 – 1,100 meters

Brazilian coffee makes up almost 40% of the global coffee trade and makes for a great base when creating your own blends due to its smooth flavours



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Customer Reviews

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Monique du Toit
Yay for new experiences

It was so easy to roast my first attempts of beans!!! And what a smell! Oh my goodness coffee has never smelt so good, shows you how long its on the shelf before we buy it.

Thank you so much, please let me know how I can canter that aroma of fresh beans in a diffuser, sjo i sommer want a perfume withat aswell!

Hugh Browner
Excellent beans

Really nice beans - can roast anywhere from medium to dark roast - all delicious